Inzet Aboutus

It is our pleasure to welcome you on the Vrijdag-design website. We want to inspire you in creating new designs and brands for cigar packaging, and also want to support your creativity when you are planning to redesign existing brands.

We now offer you our digital catalogue of historical stone printed cigar labels in combination with our most modern and innovative printing techniques. Vrijdag Premium Printing has been in the industry for over 100 years and our experience is now available 24/7 through the web, at your convenience.

See www.vrijdag.nl for our general company presentation.

Let yourself become inspired by the incredible craftsmanship from the past. You can also visualize your own ideas by uploading for example photos or drawings. We offer you our best designers to create eye catching packaging that will sell and sell more!

Thank you for visiting our site and let me know how we can help you!

With my best regards,
Henk Nota